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Oncology Network

Welcome to the Network – the online destination for oncology professionals. Providing tailored, independent news, a unique crowdfunding platform and a dedicated jobsite to support the busy oncology professional. The Hive - our groundbreaking digital networking, publishing and education portal - will soon be launched. Keep scrolling down to read more about our projects.


News from Australia and beyond direct to your desktop, tablet and phone

Oncology News

Oncology News gives readers respite from journals with independent aggregated news and exclusive commentary from a broad range of sources. Specifically designed to keep busy oncology professionals informed on the go, content is clear, convenient and compelling.

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With fingers firmly on the oncology pulse, we write articles on groundbreaking research developments and publish aggregated news stories from around the world. Oncologynews.com.au is also proud to publish commentary and conference reviews from some of the most prominent oncology professionals in this country.  What makes this site unique is editorial independence from commercial bias because we do not advertise pharmaceutical products. We prefer to publish independently and provide our readers with refreshingly different content.


a crowdfunding platform for cancer research, technology & support projects

The Cancer Crowd

We have developed a ground-breaking crowdfunding platform for cancer research, technology and patient support projects - The Cancer Crowd. It is an important part of our mission to give oncology professionals the tools they need to excel. We need your support to launch The Cancer Crowd and make it freely available to non-for-profit organisations who are already preparing campaigns for over 40 important projects.

Help us launch The Cancer Crowd – pledge your support today.

We are seeking your support to raise $25,000 – funds we need to launch The Cancer Crowd and promote the amazing projects we’ve already received from the Australian oncology community. We know the oncology community needs The Cancer Crowd to raise vital funds for innovative projects which is why it will be free for NFPs.


Watch our campaign video and here to pledge your support. Thank you!

Oncology Hive

COMING SOON - an online media and networking platform offering digital publishing, specialist blogging and educational resources to the international oncology community

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Much like a beehive, the platform we envisage is open and dynamic, innovative and productive, and focused on one overall aim – improving patient outcomes.  The Hive will be a platform to share knowledge and enhance collaboration through networking, blogging, online events and resources.  A free, broad and open collective of oncology professionals – users will create professional and publishing profiles to connect, comment and advocate

Oncology Jobs

The Only Dedicated Oncology Jobs Portal

Oncology JOBS

Oncology Jobs Australia - the only specialist jobs website connected directly to the professional Australian oncology community. Find your new role today on our responsive, searchable and easy-to-use site full of the latest vacancies.

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Do you have a vacancy? 

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